Guided Meditation - $25 per person

  • Individual and Group Guided Meditiation
  • Anxiety Release Techniques
  • Cultivating Mindfullness 
  • Healing Trauma 
  • Connecting to Inspiration and Creativity

Individual Shamanic Sessions- $125 (1 hour)

  • Chakra Clearing
  • Shamanic Extractions 
  • Illumination & Soul Retrieval 
  • Intuitive Readings 

Practical Workshops- $40 per person

  • The Myth of Unworthiness-  Breaking the Cycle 
  • Anxiety Release Techniques 
  • Discovering Your Life Purpose
  • The Mind and Suffering 
  • Raising Your Vibration For Ultimate Wellbeing
  • Surrendering To Life and Why 

Human Design Readings

Human Design is a fascinating system for decision making.  It can be described as a synthesis of four systems which include the ancient I-Ching, The Kabbalah, Astrology and the Chakra system.  

This practical tool can allow you to: 

  • Make decisions that will yield to greater fullfillment and joy.
  • Recoginize the optimal ways you're encouraged to operate in the world and fulfill your life purpose and potential. 
  • Connect with others understanding basic principles that allow for greater understanding, intimacy and better communication.