Sedona Shamanic Group

Guided Meditation, Shamanic Services & Workshops
Facilitated by Caroline 

Coming Home To Ourselves

Within Us all there is a soft peace that remains  untouched.  Oftentimes, It becomes covered by the stories of our mind.  Ultimately, We are the Loving Awareness within which conditions come and go. Discovering who we are at our very core connects us with the true power of our Being.  Let's peel the layers of illusion that persist in the form of fear, anxiety, grief and anger.  Let's tap into greater joy and personal fullfillment.  Let's come home to Ourselves. 


I provide Guided Meditiation, Shamanic Journey as well as individual Shamanic Sessions of various kinds.  I'm currently also offering workshops specializing in Anxiety Release, Transcending Trauma,  Discovering Your Life Purpose and more!

About Caroline 

I am a Shamanic Practicioner and Meditation Facilitator of many years, originally born in Peru.  Although I was initiated under the Q'ero lineage of the Peruvian Andes, I use various methodologies in my shamanic practice.  Currently,  I am offering both individual as well as group services ranging from guided meditation, shamanic journey, shamanic extractions and illumination and workshops.